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17 décembre 2006 7 17 /12 /décembre /2006 18:00

Après le départ du batteur Alexis, c'est aujourd'hui le clavier Tim qui quitte le groupe normand. WORMFOOD a offert à VS l'exclusivité de ses commentaires concernant ces récentes séparations. Dialogue avec El Worm concernant l'avenir du groupe.

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5 octobre 2006 4 05 /10 /octobre /2006 20:14

Quelques mois après la sortie de Kvass, Dolk et Jon de KAMPFAR ont bien voulu faire le point avec VS Webzine.

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5 octobre 2006 4 05 /10 /octobre /2006 19:49

Quand Pierrick lâche le micro de SCARVE, c'est pour s'adonner au joyeux bordel de PHAZM. Une bonne occasion de lui poser quelques questions.

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2 mai 2006 2 02 /05 /mai /2006 20:10

Le bôôô Satyr répond en tête à tête aux questions de VS Webzine après la sortie Now Diabolical, nouvel abum qui marque un virage dans la carrière de SATYRICON.


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9 avril 2006 7 09 /04 /avril /2006 16:44

VS Webzine a pu s'entretenir en tête à tête avec IHSAHN, histoire d'évoquer le premier album de son nouveau projet solo et plein d'autres choses qui ont parfois un rapport avec EMPEROR.

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27 janvier 2006 5 27 /01 /janvier /2006 16:40

Armé d'un Ten-Eyed Nemesis encore tout chaud, le groupe bordelais OTARGOS compte bien faire parler de lui. Vs Webzine a rencontré son bassiste Alex-XXX pour en savoir plus.

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14 janvier 2006 6 14 /01 /janvier /2006 15:59

La sortie de Hellfire (Candlelight, 2005) était l'occasion de tailler une bavette avec le guitariste Archaon de 1349

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1349 interview (january 2006)
English version below

Prince de Lu : Can you introduce the band to the french readers that slet this last years ?
Archaon (guitar) : 1349 was born from the fall of Alvheim, a band where Ravn & Tjalve played in together up to 1997 (around the Oslo-area). From here, Ravn wanted to perform Black Metal preserving the quality of the bands known as true during the first half of the 90's, and asked Tjalve to join in. Seidemann, which Ravn had played with at an earlier stage, then moved to Oslo and joined on bass. The band recorded a demo in 98 that they never released, and another demo in 99. In September 99, I was introduced to them by a friend of mine, and they asked me to join them. In 2000, we'd decided to record 4 new tracks, and we asked Frost if he would be willing to help us out playing drums- which he said yes to. (At this time, 1349 and Satyricon shared rehearsal-place) When we had written all the music for our first album Liberation, he heard it and asked us whether he could join permanently. We went into Gordon studios and recorded the album in February/march 2001, and started looking for the right label to release it. 1349 is the year when The Black Plague came to Norway, and killed 2/3'rds of the population at the time. A dark era of our history which gives the right associations to our music. Ravn came up with it.

Does the membership of Frost help the band to be renowned through Europe ?
Yes, of course it has done. However lately people finally start realizing that 1349 is a band that has been going a long time before he joined, which is a good thing. Frost is a full-time member, but for all of us involved in 1349 it is no side-project.

Can we consider that you are the norwegian side of the brutal black metal, as opposed to the swedish scene ?
I am not sure whether I understand exactly what you mean with your question, but we're representing Norwegian Black Metal- quite obviously, as we're all hailing from Norway. Sweden did at least have a Black Metal scene back in time, but lately I haven't seen/heard much Swedish quality Black Metal.

Unlike the swedish bands, you mix old school norwegian "svartmetal" with extreme brutality. What are your influences to create such pieces of evil ?
Our musical influences are lots of different bands if you ask every individual in the band, that is. But to mention some of them: Darkthrone, Burzum, Carcass, Death, Kreator, Celtic Frost, Emperor, Mayhem and many more. Many bands that have had some great releases, especcially when keeping their early material in mind.

Who is in charge of creating the musical side of 1349 ? Is it a collective work or somebody brings the ideas ?
It is the result of collective work, but every menber plays a different role and have different "territories" in the process. Me and Tjalve mainly writes the music, but sometimes with contributions especcially from Frost and Seidemann. The lyrics are mostly written by Seidemann (and on the two previous albums also Ravn), with contributions from me and Frost. On Hellfire, Destroyer (Nocturnal Breed) also wrote some lyrics. Then during rehearsals, we all usually participates in arranging the songs.

A release every year. The releasing rythm of the band is impressive, regarding to the quality of the music. Can we expect something in 2006 ?
No, in 2006 we will concentrate on festivals and live appearances. For your information, our 1'st album Liberation was recorded during feb/march of 2001, but released in 2003 after finding the right label. During this time, we'd written a lot of the music for our 2'nd album and between nov.2003 to january 2004, we recorded Beyond The Apocalypse, released in april 2004. From there, it took us 1 and a half year to have Hellfire ready.

Hellfire is more intense and violent than Beyond the Apocalypse. Do you think that 1349 has found the mix between the raw ultra-brutality of Liberation and the oppressive atmospheres of Beyond the Apocalypse.
One could put it like that, yes. Liberation is an ice-cold attack with brutality although I'd say that to a certain extent also goes for Beyond the Apocalpse. But I find that Beyond... are in many ways much darker than Liberation. And on Hellfire, one can definately find both of those elements- as well as more varied content in general... Which is part of result in the way, that this time around we tried out some different ways to write the music. Me and Tjalve wrote most of the songs on our own before presenting them as a whole piece to the rest of the band, which I believe gave them a greater sense of professionality as compositions.

The last title is a very hypnotic track where merciless blast alternates with high speed riffs. Is this a gimmick to end the albums with a more atmospheric title ?
For Hellfire, this was the result of co-operation between Frost, Seidemann and Tjalve- not decided to be presented as a gimmick from the start. But the pieces fell into their places as the new work was born thus it became clear that it was a good song to wrap up the rest of our fire presented here. The fact that it ended on something like 13.20 gave room for the idea to add some effects to it to make the clock tick in at 13.49.

The lyrics are far away from the traditional anti-christianity we can read in booklets. What are your sources of anger ?
I would advice you to read one more time into them if you couldn't find the Darkside clearly represented.. At the same time: For us it is not the point to write clichè-lyrics, it is art like in a poethic sense. What inspires us? Plenty of different sources such as ancient legends, several books, movies, the presence mostly referred to as "everyday life" and much more.

Since the debut album Liberation, you "reap the fruits of your dark labour" (as it's said on your website). What are the objectives of the band ? Are you satisfied with the work of Candlelight to promote the band ?
The phrase is referring to our satisfaction from creating one Hellish dark album after the other and being able to transcend from where we were at our last work. Otherwise, making music like we do wouldn't be give us that enormous self-satisfaction, and we'd probably be better off not releasing it.

You became regular customers of the Studio Nyhagen. Have you found the right sound to record your violence ?
Definately. We are really satisfied with how the two last albums came out, which is the ones we recorded there. And I cannot see a reason to why we wouldn't go back again for the next one.

The norwegian sound is evolving nowadays. Contrary to the grimness of the 90's, bands like 1349, Tsujder or Gorgoroth use a more "big sound", according to black metal rules. "To be true but to produce the album" is a natural development of the scene ?
We simply make the music that we want and that happens to be very brutal Black Metal. And as for the production-part: It wouldn't be a point in settling for less than what one can, would it? We're making high-quality Black Metal, and a proper production doesn't change the fact that the music is extreme.

How do you share your time between the projects of the members of 1349 ? I think especially to Frost and the next Satyricon album/tour ?
It has worked out fine so far. When 1349 is active on the live/studio-front, Satyricon are writing material for their next album and vice versa. Everyone else in the band prioritizes 1349 as #1, and for me and Ravn 1349 is the only band/project we're playing an active role in at the moment and it has been that way pretty much since the beginning.

You're touring with Gorgoroth again (for the third time ?). What are your relations with this legend of the norwegian scene ?
No, for the 2'nd time. Gorgoroth is a great band, and a band that we are comfortable touring with. Our music is at times somehow similar, and the personalities of Gorgoroth I have nothing but positive to say about.

If you want to add few words to conclude...
Thanx for the interview. Hopefully we'll see you at fetivals in 2006!

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11 décembre 2005 7 11 /12 /décembre /2005 15:36

VS Webzine avait contacté les Normands de WORMFOOD à la sortie de leur album France (chez Code666). Et El Worm a daigné répondre à toutes nos questions. Toutes!

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20 novembre 2005 7 20 /11 /novembre /2005 15:08

A la suite de la sortie du lumineux Is Kartos I Karta (Ledo Takas), votre serviteur s'était entretenu avec les Lituaniens d'OBTEST

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Obtest interview (november 2005)
English version below

Prince de Lu : First, can you introduce Obtest and talk about the history of your band quite unknown in France ?
Obtest history starts in late winter of 1992. After long rehearsings and searchings of sound we found out the black metal in the autumn of 1993, so the first songs were composed. In summer of 1994 we recorded 3 songs rehearsal tape and made our first live show in autumn of the same year. In 1995 Obtest worked a lot on the new songs and recorded two demo tapes "Oldness comming" and "Pries audra". The first full lenght album we recorded in 1996-1997, and it was known as "Tukstantmetis". MC version of the album came out in spring of 1997, it was released thru Lithuanian label Vetso Menesio Vaizbuva. Next year in 1998, the first 7"EP "997" was put out on German's Miriquidi Productions, and in 1999 "Tukstantmetis" was re-released on CD format. So in September of 2000 Obtest raided in Germany with Eminenz, it was the first tour abroad. Second album "Auka Seniems Dievams" CD/LP was released in the end of 2001 on Ledo Takas Records (Lithuania). In 2003 Ledo Takas Records released an exclusive picture 7"EP "Dvylika JuodVarniu". Our new album "Is kartos i karta" was released on September 1st of this year on Ledo Takas Records.

How can you describe your musical style, mixing black, speed, even folk or heavy and requiring good technical skill ?
I can describe it simply, it's Baltic pagan raw metal. But if it's not fit to it, then any description is good anyway.

What are your influences to compose such original tracks ?
Influence comes not only from music, but mainly from emotional experience and worldview. It's very personal, so it touches the music a lot in the end.

The process of musical creation seems pretty long with Obtest. There were four years between Auka Seniems Dievams and the new one Is Kartos I Karta. What did happen ?
It seems to be natural period for Obtest. Four years between first and second album, second and third. I hope that the next one will appear a little sooner than that. We earn no money from music, so we had to make a lot of things to live, so it also influences the terms of releasing albums.

The most surprising point about your musical universe is its "optimistic" content. After listening Is Kartos I Karta, I feel the happiness of "fresh" tracks. Are we drugged to be sent in battles for Obtest conquests ?
It might be optimistic and both melancholic at the same time. It depends on what you are looking here and what is your emotional and spiritual content.

The lyrical theme of the band is about epic battles and mythology. Can you describe the pictures you want to figure out with words ? Why have you chosen to express in lithuanian ?
Yes, our lyrics are about mythology. But actually it's a personal view on the world around us. Myth is alive even among today's modern and intelligent people. The essence of the myth changes forms, and the matter is going thru the ages despite time and place. We do not choose anything about language, we are Lithuanians so it's natural for us to speak and sing in our native tongue.

The last two releases were highly recommended by Violent Solutions. Have you got many positive feedbacks from the press and other media ?
Nowadays we get more and more feedbacks from around the world, and most of them are good, I mean even people who don't get in to our works says, that this stuff sounds like no other. That's the best estimation.

Does the members participate in other projects, apart from Obtest ?
Our bass player plays in a brutal death metal band Burying Place, and second guitar player plays in some other heavy metal projects.

The Lithuanian scene is not popular in France (yet). Is this an active scene ? Can you advise some other bands ?
At the moment I can recomend you some active bands from our land: Dissimulation, Shadowdances, Nahash.

What about the activity of the baltan scenes and the link with the other countries ?
"The Baltic scene" is only theoretical expression, actually when you are looking to it, you find some great bands like Skyforger, Loits, Tharaphita, Neglected Fields, Dissimulation. So the Baltic region consists of three small states, which together are not more than 7 millions of people. If you look at it separately, then each state has 2-3 bands, that's all.

Your label is Ledo Takas, which promotes also the Estonian bands Loits and Metsatoll. Does the baltan countries help each other ?
Ledo Takas is concentrated on Baltic states, on "the Baltic scene", and there is actual support for each other holding gigs around and promote the bands here.

What are your relations with Ledo Takas ? Do you think that the label is big enough to promote Obtest efficiently ?
Ledo Takas do their best to promote Obtest worldwide, and we are close friends, so we are working under one flag!

Can we have any hope to see you on stage in France ?
I hope so, and it depends on promoters and concert organizers there, we are ready to raid across Europe in April of 2006, so we are looking for dates to play around!

As usual, you have the final words... Thanks for your time and answers. Hails from France !
Thanx for the interview! L'espoir pour vous voir dans le concert par-dessus ici ! Garder brûler !

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8 juin 2005 3 08 /06 /juin /2005 16:36

Pour célébrer la sortie de Isa (Tabu Recordings), VS Webzine a rencontré Grutle d'ENSLAVED juste avant que le groupe norvégien n'investisse la scène de la Loco.

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