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10 janvier 2010 7 10 /01 /janvier /2010 16:56

Brrr, ça pèle par ici.


Heureusement que j'ai mis ma fourrure avec le froid qu'il fait. Si vous voulez en savoir un peu plus que ça sur ce que pense Masha, la hurleuse du groupe de folk metal Arkona, suivez le lien vers l'interview mitonnée à l'occasion de la sortie du nouvel album du groupe Goi, Rode, Goi!.


Il fait froid, mais Slava déjà mieux sur logo-vs.jpg!.

Arkona interview (september 2009)
English version below

Prince de Lu : It's great that "Night of Veles" was released. The show is impressive and everybody (the band and the audience) looks very exhausted at its very end. Will there be such release party for your new album?
Masha (vocals/songwriter) : I think there is no point in releasing DVDs or concert albums frequently. “Noch Velesova” was a kind of compensation of our first DVD “Zhizn vo Slavu”, which was shot in 2005 in a small club and did not reflect the situation within our band properly. In that time we just started to give concerts and shooting a DVD was a hurried decision, imposed by the label. By the time of recording “Noch Velesova” (end of 2007) we already had something to perform before public, so we shot second DVD. When we reach the next level and be able to shoot something more impressive than our last concert video – we will do it, but until that time there is no point to release similar concert videos.

I feel that "Goi, Rode, Goi!" is less melancholic than "Ot Serdtsa K Nebu". This new album is full of energy and epic.
Many of my songs are filled with melancholy and pain for the past heritage, forgotten by my folk. The new songs are written more consciously because with life experience grows the wisdom, which can be reflected in creativity. I think there is no point in comparing the releases – they are different, the condition of my soul was not the same when I composed each of them. I think, to compare, analyze and comment – is a work of listeners and critics, but never of the author. I just can say, that I am sincere in my song, and I am just not able and don’t want to do trends.

Since the last album, are the other members more involved in the creation of your songs?
No, Arkona is my creation, so only I do song composing.

What are the lyrical themes developed in your new album? What kind of positive energy would you like to spread through your words?
The lyrics theme has not changed since the very first album. It is all about history of my native folk and my belief. The Faith is my ideology, it give me energy to for the creativity and the idea I spread through my music and lyrics.

Last year, you said that the lyrics still be written in Russian or Slavonic language. Do you still agree with that? Would it be impossible to sing your land in English?
Slavonic pagan metal in English? Don’t you think it already sounds funny?

What are the traditional themes included in your new album? I feel there is less "obvious" folk songs than before (like "kupalets"). Unless they are well hidden in your metal parts, is that an album more "metal"?
No, all the songs on the new album are of my authorship as against the previous disk, where were 4 folk themes – “Strela”, “Gutsulka”, “Tsigular” and “Kupala and Kostroma”. The new album is really more metallic, it seems to be our heaviest album.

"Yarilo" is a very different song, with a symphonic atmosphere created by the violins. What has inspired you?
In the song “Yarilo” there is no single sound of the violin. But in almost all other songs there is a sound of string quintet, which we recorded for this album. Maybe you are being confused by the track list, which is different in the album itself and its promo-version. String section – 2 altos and 2 violins – sound really good. They replaced the synth strings, which had been recorded for the album initially. So the sound became much better.

Your voice is better than ever. The beginning of "Liki Bessmertnykh Bogov" is a powerful and melancholic chant. Do you continue to improve your voice, helped by the members of Rossomahaar?
I thank you! Perhaps my voice sounds a bit different because I recorded it beings 8 months pregnant. The hormones, developing during pregnancy, change the tone color of voice, making it more warm and feminine. Well I’m also happy that this fact did not influence my growling and it didn’t lose its brutality. I decide how to sing on my own, so there’s no one to help me with this.

"Na Moey Zemle" is an incredible journey. If I'm not wrong, this is the longest song written by Arkona. How have you composed this song?
I had started to write this song in 2003, then I abandoned it and finished it only in the middle of last year. This track has a complicated composition, and we could make a whole another album out of the variety of themes, used in this song. In these 15 minutes the whole life of the man is displayed, who devoted himself to the journey around many countries to find the happiness and joy. Travelled through many lands, he returns in his Motherland and he recognizes that the joy he has been looking for had always been close to him – his land, folk and culture.

An impressive list of singers participates to "Na Moey Zemle". Have you planned every single voice in this epic track? How have you organized all these guests and the respective lyrics which they have written?
The traveler from the song is asking the same question to the people he meets – “What is your joy and happiness in?” And everyone said his own answer, and all answers are filled with pride for their native land. First I contacted musicians from these bands whom I already had known personally and whose music I loved. And my choice was right – almost everyone gladly agreed to take part in this project. I sent the song to everyone, told what the idea was, and then asked to choose the fragment in the song they liked the most. I wonder, but they all picked different fragments, leaving place for my narration. So when I received their recorded parts, I brought it all together with the main plot. No difficulties appeared while working with these people because they recorded their parts on their own.

Last year, you said that Heidevolk is one of your favorite band. I guess it was great to work with the two Saxon singers.
Of course, this is one of the few REALLY pagan bands, just like Skyforger, Manegarm, Obtest, Menhir – those, who participated in “Na Moey Zemle”. I am proud to have made something together with these men.

Who are the other guests of this new album?
The chore and the quintet - I think, they make the majority of the guest musicians, are professionals, who work for money. All the rest are my friends, who don’t need to be convinced. They gladly agreed to take part.

Since you have inked a deal with Napalm, you're distributed in the European countries. Will there be a Sound Age release of your new album?
As far as I know – Sound Age will release the new album in Russia under Napalm license.

As a Napalm band, when will you see you on stage in the western countries? Have you planned a European tour?
January 24 we perform in Paris. Come and we’ll conquer you with pleasure! Several other shows are also scheduled, but not as many as I would like. I’ve got 2 children now to take care of.

Again, Kris Vervimp has illustrated your new album. What do you like in his art? As many pagan bands which use his art, do you think that his drawings fit perfectly with your music?
Kris is not indifferent to our music. So he depicts his own impressions after listening to it. I think it’s important when man feels what he does – this is a great inspiration for his creativity. Surely, it’s hard to manage something without professionals, like it was with chore and string quintet. But if an artist or musician FEELS his own doing – that’s much better.

Masha, you're a mother and your life has changed. According to your thoughts, what will you teach to your child about this world and its roots?
It’s important to give to the child the understanding of the world – that everything that surrounds us is just a projection of one whole. And that it’s so important to be united with it. The child must learn love and care to the surrounding world. Children are the continue of us and the plot of our being and the being of our ancestors. This is the only which remains after us and grows further. They are our future, which must be taken care of now. And we are their roots, which must be remembered in future. I feel sorry for people who don’t understand this and abandon their future for the sake of their personal right-away pleasures.

Did this birth have influenced your way to compose for the new Arkona album?
I think, it influenced in some way. I became older and changed. And along with this, my creativity has grown up too.

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5 janvier 2010 2 05 /01 /janvier /2010 20:58

A la suite de la sortie de ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ chez Debemur Morti, votre serviteur avait pu s'entretenir avec Shamaatae pour Hard Rock Magazine

Voici ci-dessous la version (francophone puis anglophone) et intégrale de l'entretient publié originellementdans HRM 26

Arckanum interview (september 2009)
English version below

Prince de Lu : Tu as commencé l'écriture de þþþþþþþþþþþ il y a quelques mois. Est-ce que la composition de cet album a été plus rapide que celle des précédents? As-tu changé ta manière d'écrire ou es-tu toujours inspiré par la nature et les éléments?
Shamaatae (tout) : En fait, j'avais des titres pour þþþþþþþþþþþ avant qu'Antikosmos ne soit dans les bacs. J'ai écrit þþþþþþþþþþþ rapidement, car j'étais dans une de mes périodes d'inspiration. J'avais une bonne idée de l'album et j'ai travaillé dessus en continu jusqu'à ce qu'il soit terminé. Je suis toujours inspiré par la nature et ses éléments, mais d'une manière plus développée. Je ne suis pas fasciné par la beauté de la nature mais par ses métaphores.

J'ai l'impression que þþþþþþþþþþþ est coupé en deux parties. La première est dynamique, avec une grande énergie. Puis après le morceau parlé, la seconde rassemble des titres plus mélancoliques. Est-ce un choix volontaire? Pourquoi avoir inclus ce titre parlé méditatif au milieu de l'album?
C'est quelque chose qui s'est juste passé, je ne l'ai pas planifié. Mais je vois ce que tu veux dire et les derniers morceaux sont plus lourds. J'ai choisi de faire ce paysage sonore (NDR: le titre parlé) car la malédiction de Þjazi, qu'il est supposé illustrer, a une part essentiel dans l'album et son concept. Les mots sont ceux de Þjazi et sont ses malédictions pour la destruction des mondes.

En un an, tu as sorti deux albums. Mais tu as dit que le matériau pour Antikosmos avait été écrit il y a longtemps. Pourquoi n'a-t-il pas été édité plus tôt?
Parce qu'il s'agit de vieux matériau d'un album que j'étais supposé sortir après Kampen, intitulé Faunaz Samgang. Et j'ai conservé ces compositions jusqu'à ce que je sois prêt à sortir l'album. Mais j'ai sorti des tonnes de matériau entre Kampen et Antikosmos, cela devrait être suffisant, non?

Les fans qui saluent þþþþþþþþþþþ comme une renaissance d'Arckanum ont été déçus par Antikosmos, un album qu'ils jugent froid et plus "synthétique". Que penses-tu de celà? Y a-t-il une si grande différence entre les deux albums?
Non, pas vraiment. Cela pourrait venir de la production entre ces albums, et beaucoup se plaignent qu'Antikosmos est trop court. Bon, j'ai appris que quel que soit ce que je sorte, il y a toujours des gens pour se plaindre, ils ne sont jamais satisfaits. Donc, j'ai arrêté d'écouter les plaintes.

La production de tes sorties a évolué. Plus clair et puissant, þþþþþþþþþþþ est bien loin du son brut de tes premiers albums. As-tu trouvé un son qui convient mieux à Arckanum ou est-ce un choix instinctif?
Je pense que j'ai trouvé un son qui convient à Arcknum aujourd'hui. Mais je ne sais pas si je garderai ce son. Ce même son aurait ruiné mes anciens albums. Donc, nous verrons bien ce qui arrivera ensuite.

La seule chose qui reste inchangée est ta voix. Est-ce que tes vocaux aboyés sont une marque de fabrique d'Arckanum?
Je le pense. Je ne peux pas chanter d'une autre manière. Quel choix ai-je? (rire)

Tu dis qu'Arckanum a été fondé en 1992 pour diffuser le message du Chaos. Et ton message à propos de Pan et du Chaos-Gnosticisme semble vraiment très intéressant. Pourquoi écris-tu tes textes en ancien Suédois que personne ne comprend?
Hé bien, c'est en partie pour ça que j'ai commencé à écrire mon livre sur Pan, Panparadox – Pan envers le Chaos (sorti chez Ixaxaar éditions). Le travail avec Arckanum est très personnel, une part de mes travaux magiques, et dire cela en Anglais pourrait le gâcher. Je suis capable de faire passer la plupart de mes messages même si mes textes sont en ancien Suédois. Mais je vois ce que tu veux tu veux dire, c'est un peu contradictoire.

Tu es ami avec Set Teitan, qui a contribué à tes albums. Comment pourrais-tu comparer tes idées gnostiques avec celles du MLO (Misanthropic Luciferain Order, auquel appartient Teitan)? Comme nous parlons de Lucifer, j'ai la même question à propos des pensées de Jeremy Christner, qui est publié sur Ixaxaar comme toi.
Oui, nous sommes à la fois frères et amis proches. Nous partageons de nombreuses vues sur le Chaos-Gnosticisme et le Satanisme anti-cosmique.

Depuis le split avec Svartsyn, Arcknaum semble être réveillé. Qu'est-ce qui explique ton (presque) silence depuis Kampen? Est-ce un manque d'intérêt pour la musique ou étais-tu occupé à écrire tes livres?
Les deux, en fait. Et j'étais aussi beaucoup plus impliqué dans les travaux magiques auxquels je consacrais la plupart de mon temps. Je n'ai pas plus à en dire ici, tu as répondu à tes propres questions.

Est-ce important d'employer un pseudonyme dans Arckanum et un autre en tant qu'écrivain? Les deux activités sont clairement disctinctes?
Oui, elles le sont. Mes livres ne parlent pas du tout de black metal (rire). Mon pseudonyme est une expression de la possession en magie noire, c'est pourquoi je l'utilise.

Peux-tu nous dire un mot à propos des versions remasterisées de tes albums que Debemur Morti va sortir cette année ? Qu'espères-tu du travail de remastering d'Andy Classen?
J'espère le meilleur de lui-même. Andy a toujours fait un très bon travail et je suis sûr que les gens vont apprécier ces nouveaux CD remasterisés. J'ai bien sûr écouté les remasterings et ils sonnent vraiment bien. Le son est plus gros et chaque chose a tout à coup trouvé sa place. Ils sortiront sous format digibooks.

Es-tu satisfait du travail de Debemur Morti? J'imagine que c'est très différent de ta relation avec Necropolis.
Très satisfait, Debemur Morti est un très bon label et Philippe est bon et une personne de confiance. Je n'ai rien à lui reprocher et Arckanum et Debemur Morti resteront certainement alliés.

Que s'est-il passé avec Zyklon-B Productions et cette sortie d'une box Arckanum non officielle?
Il n'a pas correctement fait les box-sets et a refusé de réparer des erreurs manifestes, ce qui a constitué une rupture de notre contrat. Ces box ne sont pas une sortie officielle d'Arckanum.

Tu as une collection personnelle constitué de vinyl. Penses-tu que c'est le format qui correspond le mieux au metal? Que penses-tu de ce récent retour à la mode du format vinyl et de la spéculation qu'il engendre sur internet?
J'aime le vinyl et le metal devrait être sur vinyl, comme toute musique je pense. C'est bien que le vinyl soit populaire à nouveau. Mais les enchères sur eBay sont totalement insensées et beaucoup de gens sont devenus des porcs assoiffés d'argent. Quelle merde! Ce qui est le pire, ce sont les gens qui achètent des albums pour 200 euros...

Tu aimes les sorties old school et tu es un fan des albums des années 80. Y a-t-il un album récent qui t'a plus? Es-tu intéressé par la scène d'aujourd'hui?
Non, pas vraiment. Je suis un fan du metal des années 80, mais j'achète rarement des albums aujourd'hui.

Tu as un site web et une page MySpace. Que penses-tu d'internet et comment associes-tu ce moyen moderne et fou de propagande et ta philosophie?
Je pense que c'est bien. Internet est un moyen de communiquer facilement, un accès facile pour toute recherche, et un endroit où trouver facilement des livres et des antiquités. Je me souviens du temps où j'écrivais à des Satanistes aux US et en Grèce, bien avant internet. Cela prenait une éternité pour discuter d'un sujet.

Merci pour ton temps et tes réponses.
Merci pour le soutien! www.arckanum.sewww.vexior.se

Arckanum interview (september 2009)

Prince de Lu : You began to write the tracks of þþþþþþþþþþþ few months ago. Was the composing of this album faster than the composing of the previous ones? Have you changed your way to compose or are you still inspired by nature and elements?
Shamaatae (everything) : I actually had songs ready for þþþþþþþþþþþ before Antikosmos hit the stores. It went pretty fast to write þþþþþþþþþþþ, I was in one of my periods of inspiration, I had the good idea for an album and when that is set I just work on it all day long till it’s done. I am still inspired by nature and its elements, but in a more developed way, I don’t get fascinated about nature because it’s beautiful, but by its metaphors.

I feel that þþþþþþþþþþþ is splitted in two parts. The first part is dynamic, with a great energy. After the spoken track, the second part gathers more melancholic tracks. Am I totally wrong? Is that a voluntary choice? Why have you include this meditative spoken track in the middle part?
That is something that just happened, I didn’t plan it, but I see what you mean, the last tracks are heavier. Well I chose to make that soundscape song because the curse of Þjazi, which it is suppose to be, has a very essential part on the album and in its concept. The spoken words are of Þjazi and are his curses the worlds to destruction.

Within a year, you have released two albums. But you said that the material for Antikosmos was written long ago. Why Antikosmos wasn't released earlier?
Because it is partly old material from an album I was supposed to release after Kampen called Faunaz Samgang, and I saved that material till I was ready to release this album. But I’ve released tons of material between Kampen and Antikosmos, that should be enough right?

The same fans who salute þþþþþþþþþþþ as a renewal of Arckanum were disappointed with Antikosmos, an album that they judge cold and more "synthetic". What do you think about that? Is there a so big difference between the two releases?
No not really. It might be the production of those albums, and many complain that Antikosmos is too short. Well I’ve learned that whatever I release some people complain, they are never satisfied, so I’ve stopped to listen to complaints.

The production of your releases has evolved. More clear and powerful, þþþþþþþþþþþ is quite far away from the rawer sound of your old releases. Have you found a sound that fits better to Arckanum or is an instinctive choice?
I think I’ve found a sound that fits Arckanum today, but if I keep this sound I don’t know. Back in the days this sound would ruin my albums. So let’s see what happens next.

The only thing that remains unchanged is your voice. Are your barked grunts a trademark of Arckanum?
I guess. I can’t sing in another way, what choice do I have? Ha ha ha…

According your website, you tell that you started Arckanum in 1992 to spread the message of Chaos. Your message about Pan and the Chaos-Gnosticism seems very interesting. Why do you write your lyrics in old Swedish, that no one can understand?
Well, that’s partly why I started to write my book on Pan; PANPARADOX – Pan Towards Chaos. It is out now on Ixaxaar. The work with Arckanum is very personal, a part of my magical workings, and to say everything in plain English would ruin it. I manage to get most of my messages across even if my lyrics are in ancient Swedish. But I see what you mean, it seems a bit contradictive.

You are friend with Set Teitan who has contributed to your albums. How can you compare your gnostic thoughts with the ones of Misanthropic Luciferian Order (which Teitan belongs)? As we talk about Lucifer, I've got the same question with the thoughts of Jeremy Christner, published on Ixaxaar like you?
Yes we are brothers and close friends. We share many views upon Chaos-Gnostic and anti-cosmic Satanism.

Since the split with Svartsyn, Arckanum seems to have awakened. What explains your nearly silence after the release of Kampen? Was it a lack of interest in music or were you busy writing books?
Both actually, and also I was very much into magical workings and spent more time with that. It is not much to say here, you kind of answered your own question.

Is it important for you to use a nickname in Arckanum and another nickname as a writer? Are these two activities clearly separated?
Yes they are. My books are not at all about black metal, ha ha ha… My pseudonym is an expression of the black magical possession, that’s why I use it.

Could you talk about the remastered versions of your albums that Debemur Morti will release this year? What do you expect from the work of Andy Classen about this remastering?
I expect the best as that is what he delivers. Andy has always made a very good job and I’m confident that people will appreciate these new re-mastered cds. I’ve ofcourse listened to them and it sounds really good. The sound is much bigger and everything has all of a sudden its place. They will come as digibooks.

Are you satisfied with the work of Debemur Morti? I guess that is very different from your relationship with Necropolis.
Very, DMP is a very good label and Philippe is a good and trustworthy person. I have nothing to complain about and Arckanum and DMP will for sure stay as allies.

What happens with Zyklon-B Productions and this unofficial release of the Arckanum box set?
He did not correctly make the box-sets and refused to fix the drastic mistakes, which in turn broke our working contract. They are not an official Arckanum release.

Personally, you have a vinyl collection. Do you think it's the format that fits perfectly to metal? What do you think about the recent revival of the vinyl formats and the speculation that occurs on internet?
I love vinyl and metal should be on vinyl, well I think all music should be on vinyl. It’s good that vinyl gets popular again, BUT the ebay auctions are fucking insane, and a lot people have become such money hungry pigs. What the fuck? What’s even worse is that people buy records for 200 Euros…

You like old school releases and are a fan of 80's albums. Is there a recent album that you like? Are you interested in the nowadays scene?
No, not really. Well I’m a fan of 80’s metal, but I rarely buy albums today.

You have a website and a MySpace page. What do you think about internet and how do you associate this modern and silly way of propaganda with your philosophy?
I think it is good. The internet is an easy way of communicating, easy access of material and research, and easy to find bookstores and antiquities. I remembered when I wrote to Satanists in US and Greece back in the days before the internet, it took forever to discuss subjects.

Thanks for your time and your answers.
Thank you for your support!

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2 novembre 2009 1 02 /11 /novembre /2009 16:58

Un dossier spécial sur la Locomotive est en ligne sur VS webzine.
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12 juillet 2009 7 12 /07 /juillet /2009 19:43

L'interview de Vindsval, leader de Blut Aus Nord, est en ligne sur logo-vs.jpg.
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4 avril 2009 6 04 /04 /avril /2009 23:24

L'interview-fleuve d'Infestvvs, de Glorior Belli, est en ligne sur logo-vs.jpg
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3 février 2009 2 03 /02 /février /2009 23:22

L'interview de Heimoth, leader de Decrepit Spectre, est en ligne sur logo-vs.jpg.
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13 décembre 2008 6 13 /12 /décembre /2008 19:37

L'interview (passionnante) de Sarke, le batteur de Khold, est en ligne sur VS webzine.
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20 octobre 2008 1 20 /10 /octobre /2008 13:30

L'interview intégrale de Masha, chanteuse d'Arkona, est en ligne sur VS webzine. Slavia !!
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3 juillet 2008 4 03 /07 /juillet /2008 10:11

L'interview de Joris, chanteur bonhomme de Heidevolk, est en ligne sur VS webzine. Walhalla Wacht !!
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15 février 2008 5 15 /02 /février /2008 12:21

Une fois n'est pas coutume, le vieux gâteau rassis a été interviewé parmi d'autres chroniqueurs de la toile. L'idée vient de Guudrath de Darkmag qui a mis en ligne cette longue prose en deux parties. C'est disponible ici et ici
Ca me fait aussi bizarre qu'à vous, je vous rassure...
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