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8 février 2012 3 08 /02 /février /2012 23:22
(english version below)

"Nous, en tant qu'individus distincts, explorons l'Occultisme de différente manière, tout comme l'avancée alchimique diffère selon les pratiquants autant que les éléments diffèrent entre eux. Néanmoins, quand cela a un lien avec Acherontas, nous nous unifions en un seul. Une seule flamme nous consume!"


Et cette flamme a également consumé ceux qui ont écouté la nouvelle offrande du combo grec ACHERONTAS. VS vous propose aujourd'hui de lire en intégralité l'entretien accordé par Acherontas (guitare/vocaux) pour Hard Rock Magazine n°37
Un entretien occulte à lire sur logo-vs.jpg

  Acherontas interview (october 2011)
English version

Prince de Lu : Can you explain why you have changed the title of your album to Vamachara? What was the former title? Why have you specifically chosen this tantra word to describe your left hand faith?
Acherontas (guitar/vocals) : The first title we have decided for our album was Abraxas. We changed the name as we found it as limit to the spiritual Occult background we wanted to approach through our new Opus…we embraced the view of the ancient greek philosopher Plato about Abraxas :“ABRAXAS was an illusion. No rebirth. No redemption. We must live in the Iron Age, in this Age of Decay till the End”. Vamachara streches back to the buried past, regressing back when the female archetype was worshipped through the Cult of Vama, the falsely so-called excremental,cast-out,left overs of spiritual practice, labelled as such by unaccomplished followers of the Solar Gods. The lunar waters shall possesss the Soul essence with the blood current of Immortality, pushing the Adept towards self excellence through the imbibation of the nectar of Salvation that is Amrita, through ordeals of black Al-Khemy. The vultures on infertile grounds of the desert cry LA ILAHA ILA ANA…

From the Vampyric and Drakkonian blood references of the first release, you revealed yourself as adepts of Kabbalah in Theosis. Amongst all the existing beliefs, how can we define Acherontas (nowadays)?
The Vampiric and the mysteries of Drakkonian Current took place in Theosis Album too, but with a different approach… That time Through Kabalah. In Occultism the maps and tools are many… There are no limits in Spirituality. All depends how you work with these tools. Occultism for us is the knowledge, the weapon and the Way to uncover the “Higher Self”, to become vessels of Acausal Drakkonian energy.  We, as separate individuals, explore occultism in a different way since the whole alchemical advancement differs among practitioners as the elements differ from each other. Whereas when it comes to Acherontas we all unify into one; one All-consuming flame!

The lyrics are a crucial part of the art of Acherontas. If I'm not wrong, this is the second full-length where all the lyrics have been written by V. Adept Kadmos. Can you describe your collaboration with your "lyricist"?
In Vamachara album all the band offered their Prana in the lyrics. V Adept Kadmos is my personal Spiritual Mentor for many Years… He is not in Black metal Music. Our relationship is Above the musical Plane..

You are deeply involved in Aleister Crowley's works. Have you been influenced by other religious writers into Crowley's circle? Kenneth Grant or Austin Osman Spare?
Of course Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, Austin Osman Spare, Chumbley, Evola, Ancient greek philosophers, the Ancient Texts of Egypt and Summerians are some of the sources that influenced us and Study, but the core of my influence is a specific Order that I am joining a lot of years...

Several new cultists have embraced your faith. Can you introduce to our readers the new members of the band and how they have joined you?
The new members that joined Acherontas is the mainman of Acrimonious Parfaxitas 450 and C.Docre as our new Drummer. First I joined Acrimonious. The rest was matter of time to happen. In Black metal scene it's very rare to find serious persons that combine strong ego, walk the path of black metal in the veins of early 90s and be serious with the science of Occult.

Have you got any clue why the line-up of Acherontas is so unstable?
Acherontas is not just music.  I was never searched just only for good mucisians… But for serious persons as I described before. Everyone that is not anymore member of Acherontas we had our reasons… We are not a party to accept any loser that acts in scene like be a circus. Black metal was an Art and must remain like this. When you Create Art you “sacrifice”your prana to dwell inside your music…. So for different reasons each time I stopped the ex cooperations.

Can you tell us about the recording process? Home-made or professional studio? Total control of your art or do you appreciate an external view during mixing? Astraios has been involved this time?
Astraios was only for the recordings of Tat Tvam Asi album and we disapointed very much by the final production he created. I am not anymore in contact with him and in general with Legion of Doom, except Demogorgon. The New Album was mixed and mastered at the personal studio Sitra Ahra of semjaza 218 from Thy Darkened Shade Band. Yes I like to have the full control of Production in general but of course when someone has a special view and thoughts (as our last producer had) it is perfect acceptable.

Your label describes your new release as a mix of occult black metal and 70's rock. Can you talk about your musical influences? Which releases have recently bang your head?
I think that our musical style could be considered as deriving from the 90’s black metal scene. There is nothing intentional about it though. Our sonic expressions have been filtered by our own musical tastes of course. But the fact is that the sound of Acherontas is unique cause it derives from our seperate and individual Aspect! There were many releases that took my attention the last time... The new Album of Necros Christos, Negative Plane, Nightbringer, Ascension… Personal I listen many kinds of music except metal as Ritual Dark Ambient, martial, Classical Music, Occult Rock, 70s Rock, Neo folk etc. My favourite band is Dead Can Dance. My influences are the 90s Era of black metal that I have grown with..

Can you describe the similarities and differences between your new album Vamachara and your previous releases?
The new Album has an Evolution in musical way…As we did in Theosis we put out the standar limits of how the black metal, sounds today and felt free to create anything we feel… In philosophy we used many elements from Necromantical black Arts, kabbalah, Vampirism(Astral), Alchemy, Hindu… Our Draconian Aspect was embraced by many ways..

Acherontas celebrates its 15th anniversary. Having a look backward, have you accomplished all you wanted to do, through Acherontas or previously Stutthof?
Acherontas is the latest transformation of the band that existed for 15 years. It has evolved through the years as a dissolving stream and an astral force. The past is left behind but not forgotten or being embrarassed about it, by any means. Stutthof was never a part of any “scene”, it was an extreme and cult underground band which served its purpose. The band evolved into something beyond a mundane and hylistic concept as politics. This is my 5th full length album and I have more that 15 releases before... How can I be not accomplished? The most important was that any time I was feeling the need to create I had the chance to do it… It's very important for me to express my feelings and my Nightside experiences in music… Creativity is a side of myself.

Why have you created Nihasa and not used your riffs in Acherontas? Does Nihasa still active?
Yes Nihasa are active. A full length Version of the Debut album will take place soon, and a split EP with the mainman from the Ritual Ambient band of Emme Ya will be out in fall of 2012. But after these releases I will stop any project and my devotion will be Acherontas, Acrimonious & my ritual Dark Ambient band Shibalba. Nihasa was a project to experiment with other sounds and ways to write music.

Do you remember what were your influences at the beginning of Stutthoff? Have you walked a long way as a person?
Acherontas continue in Philosophy what Stutthof started… The same and in Music.. only Evolution in all the sides of Creativity took place.. Both Acherontas & Stutthof were Occult Bands. With Stutthof except the 4 years of cooperation with Demogorgon the rest years I had only few periods that shared with some individuals..  My influence is the Science of Sorcery. Nothing more, nothing less.

Greece is seen as one the most important countries in the story of the European black metal. Do you agree with this heritage? Which Greek bands had the most important influence?
Early Necromantia, Rotting Christ, Varathron, Thou Art Lord, Naos, Diabolos Rising, Mortify are some of the great Bands came from my Land.. Their early era was unique.

Are there any french metal bands you know/appreciate?
Your land has many bands that I enjoy as Nehëmah, Deathspell Omega, Antaeus, Mutiilation (and in general all the black legions movement), VI, Ad Hominem, Aosoth and many more that I am sure I forgot now..

From the beginning of Acherontas to Theosis, your label was the Greek Zyklon-B Productions. Why have you changed to Agonia? What are the advantages to ink a deal with the Polish label?
Agonia is a Major Label That have shown Great respect and Support! I think this is enough to start have a cooperation with someone. About Zyklon B FOR SURE IS THE WORST LABEL I HAVE EVER COOPERATED With these 15 years that my band exists.... I don’t think so that there is a need to say why… A search in forums and in Net can give you all the infos why all say that is a RIP OFF label.

Do you appreciate to play live? What do you like/hate in the fact of playing gigs?
When we perform A ritual Show we choose where and When we play. So from the moment I have this chance to choose, I cant say that I have a bad experience or hate something...

Your new album will release through CD and vinyl format. Which one has your preference?
Of course the Vinyl.. All my releases I am trying to release them in this version! I am maniac collector and have total support in this format… pure Analogy… !

What is your feelings about internet? Opium for the masses or a tool to spread your art?
Unfortunately is a tool to spread anything… But I am against this poison… The reason is that has destroyed the essence of the purity that black metal had… Commercialism and black metal is ridiculous. But I will agree that is Opium for the masses and I support anything that enslave humanity… Black metal started as something anti-nomian, something unique and anti-commercial. The 90’s was definitely an era when black metal was something “dangerous”, “extreme” and above all else a gateway to something deeper and higher. Today it’s a publically accepted music genre, with millions of listeners and records companies running it like a business. Polluted by unworthy lowlifes , with poser bands and kids mocking something that used to be pure and genuine. Of course there are lots of exceptional black metal bands in today’s scene that keep the flame alive, but for how long?

Thanks for your time and answers. You have the final words.
Thank you too! Let the feathers of Abraxas reflect the function of Samsara… Hail Tiamat!

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