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8 janvier 2007 1 08 /01 /janvier /2007 19:00

Après la sortie de "Philosophy of Winter", VS a eu l'occasion d'avoir le guitariste de FOREST SILENCE au bout du mail. Nouez bien vos écharpes, l'hiver est à nos portes...

Forest Silence interview (january 2007)
English version below

Prince de Lu : We begin with the usual question. Could you tell us about the birth of Forest Silence and its growing?
Andreas Nagy (guitare) : First of all, let me tell you Forest Silence is the band of ex-Sear Bliss keyboardplayer Winter. I’m only helping him, I play the guitars. He formed Forest Silence in 1997 to realize his non-black metal musical ideas, to express a perfect sonic interpretation of winter. The first two demos (released in 1997 and 1999) contained cold ambient music. It was only in 2001 when we recorded, as a band, the third demo entitled Eternal Winter which was black metal.

There was a long time between the demos and this first full-length. Forest Silence was searching its musical path? I've heard that the demos are in a very different style than the album.
Actually, it was consciously done that. When Forest Silence was born it was decided that after two ambient recordings, a black metal version will follow. It is a trilogy. It was closed after the recording of Eternal Winter. Then we needed a break to find a label and with Philosophy Of Winter we created an album which carries on the path Winter found on the aforementioned demos. Philosophy Of Winter is a mixture of all Forest Silence has done before.

There are few informations about the members. Who are involved in the project now? Who is the creative core of the band?
As I told you, the creative core of the band is Winter. It is his band, he writes the most of the music and it is his own band and he expresses his own imagionation with these songs. He started Forest Silence as a one man band but when he needed people to realize the more black metal part of Forest Silence, he asked us to help him. Right now I’m playing the guitars (Andras/Sear Bliss) and the drummer of Sear Bliss plays the drums. The rest of the instruments (keyboards, bass, vocals) are handled by Winter.

The tracks of Philosophy of Winter are powerful yet very melodic. It's very hard to have a day without whistling a riff of the album. How do you create such hypnotic themes? What is your state of mind?
We exactly know what we want to express. The season winter is our biggest influence, it has a great impact on us and we are totally obsessed when we create these songs and the calmness and coldness of winter reflect on our state of mind.

What do you want the listeners should feel? To me, you want us to travel in the snow-covered forests of Hungary, feeling the cold wind and the dead season. Philosophy of Winter is a journey though nature. What is your objective through music and lyrics?
The only objective is to express what we feel and to transform our passion towards winter into sounds. It’s good to hear that people understand our music and are able to travel with us on this journey.

I feel similarities with the efficiency and the melody of bands like Thy Serpent. What are the musical references of Forest Silence?
Actually, we don’t know Thy Serpent’s music that much. Winter listens to black metal since 1986 and I know a lot of old bands inspired him in some ways and also the era of the early 90’s black metal scene.

The sound is very powerful. It reminds me the Bornholm album. Where have you recorded the album?
We recorded it with a very professional producer with whom we work on Sear Bliss album’s too. He contributed a lot to this powerful sound. By the way, we recorded Philosophy Of Winter in the town where we live, Szombathely.

Many bands are claiming to go back to the roots of black metal and prefer a rawer sound. Why do you chose a powerful and clear sound? This is unusual in the black metal scene nowadays.
As I told you before, we think the most important is to be unique. I see no reason to copy other bands’ sound. It’s quite a lame thing. We went to the studio and tried to find a sound which fits the best our songs.

Have you planned to play on stage or is it a studio project?
Forest Silence will never play live. This music is not for collective listening.

What are your objectives with Forest Silence? Must we wait four long years before a new album will be released?
Everything depends on Winter. He wrote some new stuff and there is a plan of releasing a split CD with The Eye from France.

Coud you recommend some hungarian bands to us? I guess you will talk about Sear Bliss...
I’m very busy with Sear Bliss at the moment as we will record our new album very soon. It will be released by Candlelight Records in the summer. To answer your question, there are some good bands in Hungary, however I don’t know the scene that much. Anyway, I would recommend Nefarious for example.

Do you appreciate french metal bands? Black metal bands?
There are some extremely good French bands I like: Spektr, Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega. They are awesome.

Thanks for your answers. You have the final words!
Thank you for your support!

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