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28 août 2007 2 28 /08 /août /2007 08:00

 L'interview de Kvarforth est en ligne sur logo-vs.jpg





Le garçon va toujours aussi bien...

Shining interview (august 2007)
English version below

Prince de Lu : How's Kvarforth today? The demons are still there?
Kvarforth : Demons never sleep.

Listening to your music, I can't imagine what you'd become if you had a "normal" life. Your illness and your art are deeply combined. Who could be Kvarforth without his "Shining" part?
I lost the possibility of leading a “normal” life more than a decade ago, even though I have tried at several occasions, meaning starting a family and so on but in the end all has always ended up in catastrophy, which last year was a major proof off. However, Shining is but a mere portrait of Kvarforth, or rather the more demented parts of his psyche meaning, without him Shining wouldn’t be, and as long as Kvarforth exist, Shining does as well.

This new album is very impressive. Musically, it's very melodic, and less "suicidal" than the previous ones. Do you need to constantly evolve musically ?
Obviously, and it all comes naturally. We could remain safe and rely on old barells by recording yet another Livets Ändhållplats, but what would be the point? There is darkness in everything, and I’ve always found it thrilling exploring various genres and trying to incorporate as many “exotic” things into what I do as possible. To sum up, I have absolutely no boundaries in what I do and personally I find stagnation retarded.

There is a huge groove in this release. Some parts sound blues-like. Have you opened your mind to compose ? Are there no musical boundaries in your creation process ?
As said, I have no boundaries nor limitations when it comes to my creative side. The groove, rock n’roll like approach has been present ever since the second album really, considering that album overall is more of a Rock N’Roll album than it’s metal. If you try listening to the third album also, you’ll probably notice my fascination for blues with the solo from the “Submit To Self-Destruction” track. Once again, there is darkness in everything, no matter what musical genre, and I obviously have to invoke them all sooner or later.

Some solos sound like Marty Friedman solos in Megadeth (I think about the first track, after the acoustic part). The intro with the cellos may be played by Apocalyptica. Have you been influenced by heavy metal of the 90's and such melodic music ?
Of course Heavy Metal, being the latter roots of the genre we’re currently residing in, have played its role on me throughout the years and I do actually prefer a band like Mercyful Fate before Mayhem for example.

The other band members are involved in the process of creation or are you still the only composer ? Do you need to control your project ?
Till today I’ve been the only one writing music for Shining, but as off now I have given each member the task of coming up with material for the next album and we’ll see. Obviously, Shining, being Kvarforth, has to be handled by him as well, however, if my toolbox manage to come up with something that would suit the vision, I will undoubteliy let them contribute.

The line-up of Shining seems very unstable. Jarle "Uruz" Byberg is your new drummer. Phil A. Cirone came back in march. Why are there so many moves in Shining ?
Put it like this, the tools have throughout the years proven to either not handle the negative presence which always have haunted the band or just simply proven to be something else than what they initially said they were. If you play with fire, you eventually get burnt and if you play in Shining you eventually get marked, it is a simple as that. Now, having Byberg replacing Witt, the lineup seems rather stable for the first time in our career, because now everyone knows what to expect and that I am not always that forgiving. Phil A. Cirone was the missing link that in a way forced us to remain in one place for a few years, having the pussy Hallander replacing him for the time being, I am extremelly satisfied to have him back.

In V – Halmstad, the vocals are clearly not human. You scream like a damned fool. What was your state of mind when you've recorded the vocals parts ? Do you need to focus on your darkest thoughts to sublimate your lyrics?
This time around I decided that I wanted to record the vocal lines in but three takes, the whole album through, without remaking anything and then cut together the best parts for the final result. I think this idea was a very good one considering the vocals sound more authentic than ever before. Be it human or not, I am beyond all that soulless crap.

As I don't read the swedish, can you explain the themes of the lyrics ? Why did you chose the name of the town Halmstad as a title ?
"Yttligare Ett Steg Närmare Total Jävla Utfrysning" is actually a continuation of "Ännu Ett Steg Närmare Total Utfrysning" from Shining II which is basically reflecting a general disgust towards man, nature, well, life in general and kind of expressing the fysiological as well as psychological conditions connected to an ordinary everyday-panic-attack which I have been suffering from more or less each day of my life as long as I can remember. A good remembrance to start off the confession with I believe. "Längtar Bort Från Mitt Hjärta" is a song about hatred towards the emotional spectre within oneself being the sole component working against personal evolution and denial of flesh. It was writen during the first part of "divorce" from my so-called soulmate I had spent my last four years together with and is extremelly hard for me reliving, thus, creating an utter dark edge to the album. "Låt Oss Ta Allt Från Varandra" is not writen by me, but Ynas Lindskog A.K.A. Mörkkh of Swedish band Malign thus, even though the lyric means very much to me, I feel not being the accurate one to discuss. “Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni” is yet again about the brilliance in remaking ones own mistakes over and over again, realistically reviewing what all "important" aspects of life end up in the world of Kvarforth, such as friends who turns to enemies, love that turns to hate, admiriation that turns to envy and love that turns to sorrow. "Åttiosextusenfyrahundra" is unfortunately a concept which cannot be descibed in words, you have to live it whilst the last song of the album "Neka Morgondagen" is simply about the need for all of you to refuse the day of towmorrow. Alltogether, the lyrics on this album is the outcome of a few years in the gutter to put it simple. Regarding the title of the album, I actually have my roots in Halmstad, yet spent my first 19 years living in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm that is. Five years ago though, I decided to move back to this, what I then considered a sort of sanctuary back then, a sanctuary that later on became my worst nightmare when I lost both my biological family as well as the new one I was wasting all my energy on building for a period of four years when shit really hit the fan. I decided to name the album therefore, and also added the undertitle to sort of really point out that what you're dealing with here is a truly and kind of absurdly personal album, a bit too personal one might think.

This time again, it wasn't easy to record this album. You've chosen to work with Rickard Bengtsson. It seems there were problems with him during the recording.
Yes, and that is why we’re never using him again. He was facing several personal problems during the recording which pretty much was interferring with the process in a way were we had to rescheduele and cancell several dates of the recording back and forth because he had to take his fucking girlfriend to the fucking movies or something just as fucking stupid. Its sad, because he is an amazing producer and I have learnt alot from him throughout the years I’ve known him though, we’re definitely not working with him again.

What has delayed the release of your album ? We were expecting for it late 2006.
Rickard Bengtsson, Kvarforth vanishing into this air, misunderstanding and several other factors. But who gives a fuck, the album is released now, isn’t it?

Many thought that you haven't disappeared last summer and that was just a promotional event. Do you want to answer or are you fed up with this story ?
To begin with, this was never meant as a publicity stunt or whatever some people try to turn it into; it was just a mere misunderstanding, or rather lack of communication between me and the band / management. What happened was that the situation in Halmstad got completely out of hand and the whole thing became both physiologically as well as mentally unbearable, thus, I decided to leave everything/everyone behind and really didn't care what happened to either the band or anything in between, which is a quite usual reaction in horrific times, you know. I went to Oslo and there I got the support and help I needed in order to get back on my feet again, started working in a bar and just went astray on the usage of drugs, alcohol and promiscious sex for three-four-five months or something - a period when I didn't have any contact whatsoever with either label, band members, management and whatnot. During this period people "close" to me obviously started figuring what might have happened and those who truly know me, Niklas Kvarforth, wouldn't exactly determine the possibility of a self-afflicted death but none of them never said I was dead. This is entirely made up by YOU, meaning the media and each mongoloid black metal kiddie with access to a computer and some messageboard URLs, misquoting the statement our manager posted on the website. However, go and have another look and you'll probably notice my "death" never being stated.

Your presumed death was unvoluntary revealed few weeks before Jon Nödtveidt's suicide. What do you thought hearing the news about his death ?
I found out from Attila who was one of the few persons that spent time with me after I left and I was, just as him, quite surprised but then again, after things had been cleared out somewhat understood. It was a loss for sure, yet death must always be glorified, and I salute him for taking his stand and making a difference, may you inflict even greater harm wherever you might be now!

You've created a great show at the release party, with the rebirth of Kvarforth in place of Ghoul. Do you want every show of Shining as unique ?
Whenever there is a possibility of doing something of an malignant nature, why not? This was however quite misunderstood, as this was merely Kvarforth fucking with his own band.

Was it great to have guests like Attila or Maniac on stage for this gig ? Could you speak about your guest appearance in Skitliv ?
Attila and Maniac are my best friends and it was a very natural move having the two of them performing in a celebration of myself, and they both made a great job. I am now playing guitar in Skitliv permanentely, and we’re actually in the midst of the recording of our debut album as we speak.

When can we fear to see you on stage in France ?
We’re coming to fuck you up in December, for more percise dates and locations, check the myspace site at www.myspace.com/shininghalmstad.

I think that your music is more adapted for small stages (300-400 people) than for stadiums or festivals. Do you think that you need to be close to the people ?
I do prefer smaller shows with 400-500 people as when I get closer to the audience I also have the possibility of fysically harming them, which most definitely make the occasion far more appealing. We’ve done some shows we’re the audience have been of thousand and more and the shows have been great yet, yes, i prefer smaller clubs.

Have you ever heard about Mourning Dawn ? That's a french Shining-influenced band which has released its first album this year. (MySpace profile : http://www.myspace.com/dawnmournsagain )
Haven’t heard them, but will definitely check it out.

Are you proud to influence bands ? What are your feelings about this young bands ?
Both yes and no, it’s great to inspire people who can evolve in my desired direction, meaning it’s positive if we give birth to future psychopaths, but it’s a huge downfall if our followers, children if you prefer, like so many others, misinterpret our purpose. Shining is not about expressing any fucking self-pity or made-up-teen-anxiety, Shining is about causing harm.

Thanks Kvarforth. You have the final words. Darkest regards.
Make sure to be present at our ceremonies in December.

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